Standing experiment


There are health risks to sitting for a long time, so you should get up and move around every 2o minutes or so. This is supposed to improve your health and reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Click here to read more about standing while you work.

Another option is to use a standing desk, but this has health risks too. Unfortunately, Standing for too long can also be unhealthy and is much more tiring than sitting. Which I didn’t realize before I started my experiment, but you can read more about why it’s not a great idea here.

Today I worked while standing for three hours (with a few breaks).

I don’t have a standing desk, so I made my own. I set up my laptop on top of a bookcase because no shelf was at the right height and stood on a chair to reach the laptop (see the photo above). I’m not at the right angle because your elbows are supposed to be at 90 degrees to your keyboard and you’re supposed to be looking slightly downwards at your screen. I’m looking slightly upwards because my chair isn’t tall enough. Even as I write this blog post, I am still standing on my chair and feeling slightly light headed.

I heard about standing desks and thought I’d try it out, not for health reasons, but to see if it improves my productivity. And I can conclude that at least for my first try, it does! Here are my observations:

  1. Standing just makes me feel more energetic.
  2. It’s a new environment (being this close to my ceiling) and the newness makes me more productive.
  3. I am less distracted because it would feel bizarre to browse Pinterest or do some online shopping at this angle and height.

Unfortunately, the major con is the health risks and the lightheadedness. I’m curious to try out an actual standing desk someday (or find a better make shift one). But for now, I will return to sitting and make an effort to stand and move (movement is key, even just a quick walk is beneficial!) every 20 minutes.

In conclusion, I don’t recommend trying it yourself, at least not for three hours. I have also learned a lesson in researching something before I try it out myself!


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