Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 4.00.51 PM.pngHello! My name is Amy Kember and I’m a soon-to-be technical writer. I will complete an online certificate in technical writing through Algonquin College this December.

I studied history at Ottawa U, and I enjoyed learning to research, analyze, and write convincingly. But I felt a lack of purpose in composing essays and articles. In technical writing, I discovered a role that combines my creativity with my love of writing, and not just writing itself, but writing with the aim of creating something useful and helpful for other people.

A second influence that led me into this field is my interest in crocheting. I have been designing and selling crochet patterns on Etsy since 2010 without realizing that this is a form of technical writing. Over the past year I’ve learned so much about visual design, writing clearly and concisely, and organizing information. It’s fascinating to be able to apply what I’ve learned to my hobby as well as to my work.

This blog is where I will showcase my projects, tips, resources, and anecdotes related to writing. I am interested in connecting with other writers and creating a sense of community, so check back soon!